rhpR12Two Media / 19 MAR 2015 – Franklin Graham has fully endorsed the new feature film Return to the Hiding Place, which tells the untold true story of Corrie ten Boom’s secret student army of untrained underground resistance fighters.

Return To The Hiding Place is a multi-award winning feature film beginning its official wide release via rollout March 6-12 in four select cities: Atlanta, GA; Dallas, TX; Kerrville, TX, and Philadelphia (Bensalem), PA. More cities, including Ft. Worth, TX, will be announced for another release date in April. Return to the Hiding Place will be playing in over 650 cities nationwide over the following months.

Franklin Graham, son of world-renown evangelist Billy Graham who produced the original film The Hiding Place, provided the following quote: “Peter Spencer has done an incredible job in creating the new film Return to the Hiding Place. It is a great piece, well-produced and powerful. Return to the Hiding Place is a true story that tells another side of the historical account of Corrie Ten Boom in the original The Hiding Place film. This release is very timely and has modern-day application as anti-Semitism is rearing its head again in many parts of Europe and the United States. Most importantly, Return to the Hiding Place speaks to the critical need for people to place their faith and trust in Jesus Christ, not in government or man, and to count the cost as we courageously put that faith into action.”

The film – a true story – tells the powerful events of the famous Hiding Place from the perspective of Hans Poley, a young physics student forced into hiding for refusing to sign an oath of loyalty to the Nazi Party. Hans joins a student resistance led by Piet Hartog and guided by Corrie. Hans was the first person to hide in Corrie’s home, followed quickly by over 800 Jews cared for and transported to safety by this resistance army of youth who risked their lives for total strangers.

Return to the Hiding Place swept up over 19 festival awards and film honors, including a screening hosted by the BelAir Film Festival and A2E during Sundance 2014. Last spring during its theatrical test run, the film ranked fifth in the nation for the 3-day weekend average per screen – directly under Godzilla. The film stars John Rhys-Davies and is produced by Spencer Productions, a film company owned by a family of film professionals devoted to creating excellent film with powerful storytelling that redeems and shapes culture.

Return to the Hiding Place has also partnered with EchoLight Cinemas and will be releasing in over 650 EchoLight Cinemas nationwide. Tickets for the first selected release cities can be purchased at Fandango.com, RHPTickets.com or Hide-Movie.com.

To view the trailer for Return to the Hiding Place, visit www.Hide-Movie.com. Click the homepage links for information on how to bring this film to more theaters for the expansion date in April.