Browsing?  Who needs it?
Browsing? Who needs it?

Setting Captives Free Mentor / 04 FEB 2015 – I’ve discovered that it is extremely dangerous to browse. And what I mean by that is just this:

I used to really like to browse through catalogs. But now, I know that many of them are going to smack me in the face with images that I shouldn’t look at. So, I no longer browse in clothing catalogs, for example. Not even ones that seem harmless . . . because something in there is going to be dangerous. My Sweetheart, my wife, helps me with this – she throws the stinking things away, so they won’t by lying around on the coffee table to tempt me.

In the same way, it is risky to channel surf on the TV or to get on the Internet just to pass the time. Treacherous territory, that.

Time on your hands + Browsing = Looking for trouble

The only time I ever look in a clothing catalog is when I want to buy something. Same with the Internet . . . only when I have a specific thing in mind.

That is also a good rule for the TV – why not go to the TV guide (or menu) and surf there? That way you won’t get caught by a passing image, right?

Movies? Before browsing through NetFlix of Blockbuster, check ’em out on Find out what’s o.k. and what’s not. Might keep you from seeing too much before you realize you’re in trouble. Works for me!

As for the Internet. Surfing the WEB just to be browsing is not only unprofitable, but it can take you back into sin before you know what hit you! Dangerous waters – there’s sharks out there! So, how about severely limiting your time on the WEB? And remember: Never go near without being suited up with your internet software filter!

Remember – God does not want us to pitch our tent near Sodom. He wants us far away from those dangerous waters. When we’re already there, it’s too late to pray, “lead me not into temptation.”

Browsing? Who needs it? It’s only another road to places that you and I don’t want to go anymore.