Steve Hill
Steve Hill (1954-2014)

Steve Hill / 27 NOV 2014

My soul fainteth for thy salvation: but I hope in thy word. – Psalm 119:81

There have been times in my life when I felt as if the sky was falling in. Everything seemed to be going wrong. The enemy of my soul had risen up and was mounting a full-fledged attack. Even my closest friends seemed to be standing far off, waiting to see the outcome. Perhaps right now you are facing one of the darkest trials of your life.

Samuel Rutherford, a man of God who knew all about dark times, penned these words of encouragement.

Believe under a cloud, and wait for Him when there is no moonlight nor starlight. Let faith live and breathe. Lay hold of the sure salvation of God when clouds and darkness are about you and appearance of rotting in the prison before you. Take heed of unbelieving hearts, which can father lies about Christ. Who dreams that a promise of God can fail, fall asleep or die? Who can make God sick, or His promises weak?

Hold fast to Christ in the dark and surely you will see the salvation of God. Your adversaries are ripe and dry for the fire. Yet a little while and they shall go up in a flame; the breath of the Lord, like a river of brimstone, shall kindle about them.

It is during the raging battle that the soldier is tested. During these times, we must trust. It’s called the making of a man or woman of God. I have found that God does much of His work in secret. He uses the dark, difficult trials of our lives to make us into vessels for His honor.

~ 1 Chronicles 23; 1 Peter 4;  Micah 2; Luke 11

Steve Hill (1954–2014) was an American Christian clergyman and evangelist. He is best known as the evangelist who preached in what became known as the Brownsville Revival. In 2003, he founded Heartland World Ministries Church in the Las Colinas section of Irving, Texas, a suburb of Dallas.