Steve Hill
Steve Hill

Steve Hill / pub. 21 NOV 2014

And then shall he send his angels, and shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from the uttermost part of the earth to the uttermost part of heaven. – Mark 13:27

Have you ever wondered why the Lord has not yet come back as He promised? After all, when is a good time? More and more people are being born every day. Thousands are being saved on a daily basis, but countless are backsliding on a daily basis. God sees it all, and has the balance in His hands. Robert Murray McCheyne shed some light on why God tarries.

Sometimes, when I see some act of gross and open wickedness, my heart trembles within me. I think how the Lord sees all this wickedness committed over the whole world, yet He forbears. What a sight of forbearance and long-suffering compassion is here! This is the reason why He tarries, He has compassion for the vilest, and waits long before he comes.

Christ is at this moment gathering a people from among the Gentiles. He is building up the great temple of the Lord, adding stone to stone. He cannot come till this is done. He told Paul to remain and preach at Corinth: “For I have much people in this city.” For the same reason He makes His ministers remain and preach on; for He has much people still. There are, no doubt, many elect ones, many that were given Him by the Father before the foundation of the world, still in the sleep of nature. He waits till these are gathered. When the last of His elect are gathered, then He will come.

So friend, ours is not to question His judgement, but to anticipate His appearing.

~ 1 Chronicles 16; James 3; Obadiah 1; Luke 5

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