ISIL recruiting extremist females
ISIL recruiting extremist females / 17 NOV 2014 – An extremist group formed of veiled females, linked to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), is secretly working in several areas in northern Lebanon and spreading the “takfiri salafist ideology,” Ad-Diyar newspaper reported on Monday.

The group is comprised of veiled women who are reportedly recruiting girls in return for large sums of money and convincing them of adopting their ideology.

Sources told the newspaper that the danger of such a group lies in the difficulty of identifying the women wearing niqab, which could cause a sectarian incitement under the pretext of violating religious freedom.

The report continues that the women underwent military and security training and some of them have an experience in sniper shooting and weaponry fields.

In October, media reports said that terrorists are plotting to attack Ashoura gatherings through explosive-rigged cars and female suicide bombers.

The army had reportedly detained Khadija Hmeid, one of the female bombers who were trained to drive booby-trapped cars.