Richard Baxter, 1615-1691
Richard Baxter, 1615-1691

R12Two / 04 NOV 2014 – I come from a grace saturated background, which led me to develop a lack of sensitivity to the conviction of the Holy Spirit in my life. One of the greatest things that happened to me during my time at Pure Life Ministries was the re-kindling of the Fear of God in my heart. Sin numbs the heart, makes us insensitive to God’s voice and movement in our lives.

Baxter’s voice is a clarion call to repentance, and an unflinching declaration of the biblical consequences of a refusal to turn and repent. His is a voice that our generation desperately needs.

Below is a snippet from A Call to the Unconverted to Turn and Live, Sermon I (wikisource). After that are a number of links to his biography and relevant links.

Doct. 1. It is the unchangeable law of God, that wicked men must turn or die.
If you will believe God, believe this: there is but one of these two ways for every wicked man, either conversion or damnation. I know the wicked will hardly be persuaded either of the truth or equity of this. No wonder if the guilty quarrel with the law. Few men are apt to believe that which they would not have to be true, and fewer would have that to be true, which they apprehend to be against them. But it is not quarrelling with the law, or with the judge, that will save the malefactor. Believing and regarding the law, might have prevented his death; but denying and accusing it will but hasten it. If it were not so, a hundred would bring their reason against the law, for one that would bring his reason to the law. And men would rather give their reasons, why they should not be punished, than to hear the commands and reasons of their governors which require them to obey. The law was not made for you to judge, but that you might be ruled and judged by it.