Islamic extremists in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul spray-painted an Arabic “N” on the home of every Christian. The “N” stands for “Nazarene,” which identifies the family as being followers of Jesus. The Christian families were then given a choice: convert to Islam, pay a large tax, leave their homes — or be killed.

In August, The Voice of the Martyrs released a new T-shirt to raise support and awareness for our brothers and sisters who are being persecuted by Islamic extremists in Iraq, Syria and other nations. The response to this T-shirt offer has been overwhelming.

Individuals and churches alike have gotten involved. One pastor even implemented an “i-am-n challenge”! Eighty members of his congregation who purchased the i-am-n T-shirt are making a video of themselves. They intend to challenge other congregations in the community to do the same, as a way of supporting these persecuted believers.

The front of the T-shirt displays an image of a spray-painted Arabic “N,” similar to those being painted on the homes of our brothers and sisters. For every T-shirt ordered, VOM uses $10 to directly support Christians facing Islamic extremists.

A VOM international staff member recently shared that Iraqi Christians are already aware of this effort and are very encouraged to know that Christians in the United States are standing with them in their trials.

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