"The Morning Star of the Reformation"
“The Morning Star of the Reformation”

I have often heard the laments that there are no good Christian movies. I think we need to really define what ‘good’ is. If we go into a Christian film expecting a Christian version of what Hollywood is producing, not only will we be frequently disappointed, but I believe we are also looking for the wrong thing.  That is not to say that the occasional light and topical movie is bad, but that we should not devote our “disposable entertainment time” to escape;  I believe it is greatly beneficial to our spiritual growth to meet that desire with films that elevate and educate us, that strengthen our faith, not simply delight us with an approved version of secular offerings. 

One of the greatest deficiencies in our generation is a lack of knowledge about the foundations of our faith – whether the service and sacrifice of the early church fathers or the great men of the Reformation that gave their lives for what we so blithely accept – especially the privilege of the Word of God in our own language.

This movie was greatly informative for me. I was familiar with Wycliffe through the Wycliffe Translators, but knew nothing about the man. This movie does an admirable job at communicating his faith and his growth as he grew bolder and bolder to eventually translating the Bible into English. It also portrays the weight and difficulty he experienced within the church and the spiritual and political dynamics of the conflict.